Music, performing and visual arts are a valued component of the ISS curriculum for Kindergarten-Grade 12 students. The arts provide wonderful opportunities for expressing emotions. Both independently and as part of a group, ISS students are intellectually, emotionally and physically involved in the creative process.

Students have the opportunity to create, explore and perform music through a varied programme:

  • General music classes (theory, composition, technology, history)
  • Vocal/choral ensembles
  • Instrumental (band and strings) ensembles
  • Music theatre (extra-curricular)

Students have the opportunity to create and explore visual arts through a varied programme:

  • Visual arts program Kindergarten – Grade 9 (required)
  • Visual arts in the High School: Art 9/10, IGCSE Art – Grade 10, IB Diploma Programme – Grades 11 and 12

Students have the opportunity to create, explore performing arts through a varied programme:

  • Primary, Middle and High Schools all produce musicals and/or dramas each year
  • Middle School offers a drama exploratory class
  • High School offers IGCSE drama and IBDP theatre arts as demand requires it
  • Middle and High School attends ISTA (International School Theater Association) workshops

When our students learn the skills and knowledge they need to tap into the richness of the arts, we see the benefits including:

  • Academic achievement
  • Greater success in other curriculum areas
  • New pathways for creative thinking
  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Higher confidence and risk-taking

Our well-rounded fine arts education programme puts the ISS values of Learning, Well-being and Community ínto practice and real-life application.