The High School at ISS believes strongly in interacting with local, national, and international communities. Locally, this includes field trips to the amazing geography around the school, including fjords, lakes and hiking areas – all within walking distance. Nationally, the school attends student conferences, events like the annual Norwegian ‘Unge forskere’ (Young Scientists/Researchers) competition. Internationally, students are involved in Model United Nations travel to European cities; sports and maths competitions; creative learning and international experiences through the arts; service efforts in Thailand and elsewhere. In October, the High School annually holds ‘Horizons,’ where students take part in educational experiences outside the classroom.

In the Middle School, there is a Spanish language exchange programme to Barcelona (video). Every school year, the Spanish Department has the pleasure of sending a group of Middle School students to a school in Sant Cugat del Vallès, on the outskirts of Barcelona. The goal of this exchange programme is to combine pleasure with educational value in an authentic residential experience.

ISS is beautifully situated near many other great locations that are suitable for shorter field trips, for example the oil museum downtown Stavanger and the Bronze Age rock carving at Fluberget, as seen here: