Like other sections of the school, our first responsibility is to our young learners. It is important to us that they are safe, supported, healthy and active.

We believe all children are capable and our goal is to provide our students with an English-language education in a supportive, academically stimulating and multicultural environment. To accomplish this, we:

  • Provide units of study and activities in a caring atmosphere taught by highly qualified teachers
  • Focus on the child’s needs and the continuous growth of the whole child
  • Foster positive goals and beliefs
  • Encourage responsibility and global awareness
  • Challenge thinking so new connections can be made
  • Engage children in the learning process and consider their interests
  • Provide joyful, positive learning experiences (indoor and outdoor)
  • Encourage a love of learning

Dedicated to learning and overall well-being, the Primary School teachers recognise individual needs and different rates of growth and maturation. Special attention to cognitive, physical, artistic, social and emotional development is emphasised throughout the learning environment.

Additionally, we embrace a learning culture and community where children can take risks without fear of failure and be proud of their efforts and achievement.

These areas of development, when coupled with the core elements of our curriculum, prepare children for the educational opportunities beyond their Primary School years.

Jill Raven - EC and PS Principal

Jill Raven
Early Childhood and Primary School Principal

I spent most of my education abroad. Of all the schools I attended over the years, ISS was and is by far my favorite school. I treasure the memories I made there … and I still keep in touch with my ISS friends. – Former Student, ISS Alumni Survey