At ISS, our dedicated Libraries offer more than just a wealth of resources. They are welcoming places for students to read, enquire, learn – and practise – research and 21st-century information skills.

Our Library Services help students become aware and intelligent users of media and information, enhance learning in the classroom and encourage reading for pleasure and personal growth.

Early Childhood and Primary School Library

In 2012, the International School of Stavanger expanded its campus, including a new, vibrant Library for its Early Childhood and Primary School students and families.

Our EC/PS Library is staffed by a highly trained teacher/librarian. Resources and services include:

  • Thousands of fiction and non-fiction books, magazines and diverse first-language books
  • Digital and audio books through the Overdrive online download system
  • Research and subscription resources available 24 hours/day
  • “Family Game Boxes” that contain a board game, thematic books and various craft activity ideas to help develop social skills, communication and other life skills
  • Newly reconfigured spaces for promoting and hosting events and services that encourage enquiry, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking in both personal and academic fields

Middle and High School Library

The ISS MS/HS Library is a multi-purpose space that provides a comfortable and practical environment with a range of resources to inspire students to expand their learning experience.

With a friendly and experienced staff, our MS/HS Library services include:

  • Hands-on assistance with academic research and literary enquiry
  • An extensive collection of multimedia learning tools
  • Thousands of fiction and non-fiction books, reference material, magazines, games, audiobooks and DVDs, available in a number of languages and reading levels
  • Digital and audio books through the Overdrive online download system
  • Numerous academic databases which students have 24-hour access to both within school and from their home computers
  • A dynamic location for both individual and collaborative study

We encourage ISS families to take advantage of our resources and use our Libraries and the helpful staff to enrich their experience of life within the ISS community.

Susan Stronach
MS/HS Librarian


EC/PS Librarian/Teacher Erik Jordheim

Erik Jordheim
MS/HS Librarian


Library Hours
The ISS Libraries are open while school is in session.

Early Childhood/Primary School Library
Monday-Thursday from 8:20-(15:45) 3:45
Friday from 8:20-(15:30) 3:30

Middle/High School Library
Monday-Thursday from 8:00-(15:45) 3:45
Friday from 8:00-(15:30) 3:30