What makes student learning truly impactful? 

The teachers.

At ISS, our experienced faculty of more than 100 educators is deeply committed to guiding each student on their academic journey and caring for their well-being. They get to know the students well, become their mentors and provide them with the attention they deserve for positive learning outcomes. We know this because parents and students tell us that.

Members of the ISS faculty come from more than 20 countries and bring fresh perspectives and talents to their classrooms based on many years of teaching experience. They are former scientists, professional musicians and artists, semi-professional cyclists and coaches, innovators, researchers and, importantly, award-winning teachers.

Our community of professionals proudly embraces the idea that teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible. ISS teachers strive to learn and grow professionally and make the best impact they can on each student during their time at – and often after – ISS.

Thank you for five amazing years at the ISS. It has been a privilege to be a substitute there and the welcoming atmosphere that meets you when you enter the school is quite unique. Like my oldest son said the other day, I wish I could bring the teachers from ISS with me to the next school. To me, that is quite a compliment to the amazing staff. – Former Early Childhood and Primary School Parent
67% teachers with a masters or PhD