We believe everyone is capable of learning and achieving. Here is how we empower our learners:

  • Teaching and instructing in interesting ways that students enjoy and are engaged in learning.
  • Providing a truly well-rounded curriculum through which students discover their strengths so they feel positive about themselves as learners. You will find technology, visual and performing arts, athletics, sciences, languages and more all under one roof.
  • Challenging in a low-anxiety, nurturing environment that promotes a growth mindset so learning is ‘sticky’ and lifelong.
  • Encouraging students to reflect and develop an awareness of their own learning so they can take that understanding and apply it in situations outside of school.
  • Helping students fine-tune their collaborative, creative, critical thinking and technological skills so they feel confident and ready for this ever-changing, complex world.

Engaged and empowered learning leads to distinctive learning and successful learning, such as:

Alumni Directory Survey
The fact that children look forward to going to school everyday says something about the positive learning experience at ISS. – Parent Feedback from Annual Family Survey