The ISS Pre-School programme for 3 and 4 year olds encompasses the image of the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge.

Our job as educators is to facilitate this learning by providing them with joyful experiences and designing a curriculum with the child in mind. We do this through the Reggio Emilia inspired approach of social-constructivism, which aligns with research from the highly regarded “Project Zero” at Harvard University.

Reggio Emilia is a way of observing children’s curiosities and interests and responding with ways that help them make connections and expand their academic and social potentials. It means the children at ISS are:

  • Engaged in their learning
  • Having fun while learning
  • Running home at the end of the day eager to share their day
  • Better prepared socially, emotionally and academically for the next grade level as much as the complex world we live in today

It means teachers are continually enriching the curriculum and empowered to help children reach their full potential.

  • Fosters integrative and critical thinking skills
  • Lays the foundation for positive learning experiences in the future
  • Develops the ‘executive function’ one of the most critical skills children need to acquire to develop more effective cognitive skills in adulthood
  • Gives children access to unique learning studios – Nature and Science, Art, Tinkering, Imagination, Block, Music and Movement – for hands-on discovery
  • Balances individual, small and large group activities; child-directed and teacher-initiated activity; inside and outside experiences
  • Led by a team of open-minded, empathetic and creative professionals who take a lot of pride in the unique learning taking place at ISS and how well they get to know their children
  • Supported by the latest brain research

The Reggio-inspired Pre-School programme takes into consideration the theory of ‘social constructivism’ and is therefore designed into mixed-aged groupings for optimal learning. Consider these benefits:

  • Viewing learning in the context of social interactions, all children are teaching and all children are learning at the same time and at their own pace.
  • The latest brain research puts socio-emotional skills at the top of the list of skills young children need to succeed. Mixed-age groups are ideal for teaching communication, self-regulation, attention and relationships.
  • Children develop a strong sense of belonging, community, familiarity and stability by staying with similar groups over a two-year period. Teachers truly understand each child’s learning abilities.
  • A mixed-age programme is a fulfilling and sensitive learning environment that adopts a healthy approach and style towards learning.

All Pre-School children have access to a dedicated EC/PS Library and physical education facility for their age group, technology (both computer labs and iPads), health/nurse office and outdoor playground.

My two children transferred to ISS and have absolutely blossomed. I am amazed every day at how much they are learning and appreciate the effort made by the teachers to keep them engaged. – New Pre-School Parent (2015)