Our dedicated Early Childhood (EC) section covers:

  • Pre-School (3 and 4 year olds) and École Maternelle
  • Kindergarten (the first compulsory academic year at 5 years old – equivalent to Year 1 in the UK)
  • Grades 1 and 2

Our first responsibility is always to our young learners. The Early Childhood teachers at ISS are approachable and dedicated to offering a dynamic educational programme with joyful and rewarding learning experiences.

We believe that we must:

  • Hold a positive image of children as competent, strong and powerful
  • Nurture every child’s cognitive and social/emotional development
  • Value every child as an individual who develops in unique ways at different times and continually support their growth
  • Provide a rich, stimulating and responsive environment that promotes the development of the whole child
  • Encourage every child to discover their individuality within a safe environment of collaboration and respect
  • Grow each child’s creativity and innovation skills through a combination of teacher-guided and child-initiated play, projects and explorations
  • Challenge thinking so new connections can be made
  • Encourage global awareness and community service even at the youngest ages
  • Embrace a learning culture where children can take risks without fear of failure and be proud of their efforts and achievement
  • Offer time for play outside to experience the natural environment
  • Provide joyful, positive learning experiences that create a love of learning

These beliefs, coupled with our curriculum, prepare children to take full advantage of the educational and life opportunities beyond Early Childhood.

Jill Raven - EC and PS Principal

Jill Raven
Early Childhood and Primary School Principal

My 3 boys have been at ISS for 12 years! … It is a well-connected school community
(giant family) and the opportunities are endless at ISS. – Primary, Middle and High School Parent (2018)