This year’s ISTA (Geneva, Switzerland) was a wonderful experience for our seven enthusiastic drama students. Together with their ensemble leader, they dived into the theme of ‘Time’. On the last day, the students put on a magical performance together, having spent the previous four days preparing it with students from different schools. There were five schools in total, one of which was an international school from Spain. This school was special for the ISS group as the amount of time they spent together made them bond together fast. It always started off with a full group exercise, then students would split into ensembles and work on their own thing. “It opened my eyes to the world of drama”, explained Farnoush, ISS drama participant. She further explained that seeing so many different people interpreting the same thing in different ways blew her mind wide open. The schedule changed every day but included games, name exercises, and creativity-boosting activities. As Ms. Hulks said “Thanks for being such a fabulous group, you made the trip a pleasure!”

(written by Andrea, HS Yearbook student)

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