Faculty Spotlight: Wim Keereman

Many know Mr. Keereman well from his years of teaching Social Studies and languages. More recently, though, his talents have extended deep into the local community. Wim, the ISS Service Learning Coordinator, is relentless in his effort to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Wim not only leads numerous Service Learning initiatives at ISS (resulting in record-breaking funds for good causes), but also brings refugees together to play football weekly, raises money for those less fortunate, increases awareness of humanitarian causes and more. His wise words: “You may not be able to make the world a better place for everyone, but you can make it a better place for someone.” 

Cross-Town Collaboration About Language Programmes

We love meaningful cross-town collaborations! Like the time this spring when 16 staff/teachers from Johannes læringssenter met at ISS to discuss how English is taught as an additional language at ISS. Johannes teaches Norwegian to migrants and refugees to help with their assimilation into Norwegian society. It was a productive gathering of target-language teachers from two local, multicultural schools and we appreciated the opportunity to learn from our peers in this positively diverse city.

Reflecting on ‘Horizons’ Days in the High School

There is so much to look forward to with the new school year, including the special ‘Horizons’ collaboration in the High School! ‘Horizons’ is a three-day educational experience for Grades 9-12 that complements our ISS Advisory and academic programmes. (Recap video of 2017-18 Horizons Days.) Over three days, students work together in multi-grade crews, attend workshops, experience an off-site activity and design a common project. Not only does ‘Horizons’ provide unique opportunities to practise critical and creative thinking but it is also a great way to bring our High School community together. Learn more about ISS’ High School.

Interesting Investigations Displayed at Grade 7 Science Fair

How do eggshells react to acids? What renewable energy source is most efficient? How does music affect memory? ISS’ Grade 7 scientists did a brilliant job presenting their investigations at this year’s Science Fair in May. They had such interesting ideas and articulated their results well. Super!

IB Artists Show Off Gorgeous Work

Get a glimpse of some of the beautiful artwork created by our Grade 12 Visual Art students earlier this spring for their IB Art Exhibit! These talented artists dedicated many hours to building their portfolios of unique and thought-provoking pieces, then composed their own exhibition in relation to their theme and how they wanted the public to interact with the artwork. The creativity on display through the ISS hallways always astounds us!

ISS Poetry Bus Rolls Through School

At the beginning of the school year, the ISS Poetry Bus got a good oil change, new wheels and a fresh coat of paint. This bus – full of creativity, energy and risk-takers – was on the move! Throughout 2017-18, numerous evocative and fun performances (from haikus to lyrics to sonnets) were held across the school as part of this literary and poetry movement. Catch the Poetry Bus on the move!

High Five to the Middle School Girls Football/Soccer Team

A summer shout-out to our Middle School Girls Football team on a great season! All spring, the girls practised hard and improved their skills as well as their physical fitness through small-sided games, drills and a local football tourney. They had plenty of fun and can be proud of the improvements they made individually and as a collective. Want to play?

Faculty Spotlight: Renata Magda Tuntland

Our Middle School Photography Exploratory teacher, Renata Magda Tuntland, scooped up awards across the country this winter/spring for her gorgeous photographs. These scenic pictures were featured by either NRK 1, TV2, Studio Stavanger, Norwegian Landscapes Facebook groups or elsewhere. As many of our staff and families know, it’s hard not to become a ‘shutterbug’ once in Norway!