Grade 12 IB Biology students visit molecular biology lab

Our Grade 12 IB Biology students visited the molecular biology lab at the Stavanger University Hospital. For all students the field trip was an experience they wil never forget. One of the students wrote: “I found the molecular lab visit very interesting. I learned about how tumors are grown and stored in order to experiment on them and how tumors can arise from genetic mutations in the DNA of a cell. I also learned about how every tumor is unique and therefore there is a need for medication that is adapted to every individual. I was amazed at how we are now able to sequence a genome or a single gene using machinery and how quick this process has become considering the thousands of bases in a gene. It was interesting to see that techniques that I have learned at school such as gel electrophoresis are used in molecular biology labs and they can be used to solve real-world issues, like cancer in this case. Overall, I learned a lot during this visit and it was nice to observe real-life applications for things that I learn at school.”

Grade 4 ‘Share in our Learning’

On Thursday, parents of Grade Four students had a wonderful opportunity to listen to their children demonstrate their understanding of how the pursuit of natural resources has shaped the land, people and community of Stavanger. Students practiced their public speaking skills, and shared their creative writing and used technology to reflect on their learning. Events like this are so important as they provide an authentic audience for the students, and help build community by keeping parents informed of their child’s learning.

Primary School Play – ‘Rock Bottom’

Meet The Cobblestones, just an ordinary Stone Age family of cave folk living on Stoney Street, Rock Bottom! But when cave boy inventor Bobby Cobblestone hatches his very first good idea, he’s whisked off to work for none other than the beautiful celebrity Lady Lava! Unfortunately, Bobby is soon up to his neanderthal neck in trouble when he discovers his new boss hides a dark secret that will rock Rock Bottom to its foundations. With mysterious monsters terrorising the town and a volatile volcano ready to blow its top, can Bobby Cobblestone become a little boulder and hatch a plan to save his family, his friends and his very own precious Rock Bottom? Only time will tell… Our Primary School students, staff and parents impressed the audience with a wonderful show for all ages. Congratulations to everyone who was involved in this production!

PA International Festival!

The ISS Parent Association would like to thank everyone for the support that you provided to make the 16th International Festival a success! More than 1100 entrance tickets were sold and over NOK 149000 was raised. Thank you to all the volunteers from 30+ countries who shared their cultures through their homemade food and through games and activities. Thank you to the director, principals, faculty and staff for your support with all the preparations and on the day of the event. A special thanks to the vaktmesters who work behind the scenes to make sure we had what we needed. Thank you to the staff in the cafeteria for their help with the kitchen facilities. Thank you to ALL the other volunteers who helped before and during the event. We appreciate everyone’s efforts towards our festival this year!

PA Fun Run!

55 kids participated in the PA Fun Run, a wonderful community event organised to raise money for the High School Red Cross. Kids enjoyed running their laps and the well-deserved popsicles afterwards. Thank you to all participants and the PA for donating over 3200 NOK!

High School Play – ‘Trivia’

Congratulations to all High School students and staff who were involved in the HS Play ‘Trivia’! It were three amazing performances with a lot of energy and upbeat music. A special thanks to Ms. Landis and Ms. Wallace for the production of this wonderful show and for guiding our students during this intense process.

Middle School Spanish Exchange Programme

In its 18th year, the Spanish exchange programme provides fifteen Middle School students with a fantastic opportunity to discover the culture and history of Barcelona while also immersing in the language and collaborating with a local school. Thank you to our hosts from Agora Sant Cugat International School for another great experience and we’re already looking forward to welcoming our Spanish friends in May 2020!

Pink Day – Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so our students wore pink to support the thousands of women (and men) who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. One of the parents also came to the classrooms to share information and answer questions about this terrible disease.

Fourth Graders Hike Dalsnuten!

The fourth graders went on a fun trip to Dalsnuten and explored the beautiful Norwegian nature. They hiked to the top of the hill where they enjoyed their picnic and the stunning view over Stavanger. All kids loved this outdoor classroom experience!