HS Play – ‘Trivia’

Congratulations to all High School students and staff who were involved in the HS Play ‘Trivia’! It were three amazing performances with a lot of energy and upbeat music. A special thanks to Ms. Landis and Ms. Wallace for the production of this wonderful show and for guiding our students during this intense process.

Pink Day – Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so our students wore pink to support the thousands of women (and men) who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. One of the parents also came to the classrooms to share information and answer questions about this terrible disease.

Fourth Graders Hike Dalsnuten!

The fourth graders went on a fun trip to Dalsnuten and explored the beautiful Norwegian nature. They hiked to the top of the hill where they enjoyed their picnic and the stunning view over Stavanger. All kids loved this outdoor classroom experience!

Extended Essay Exhibition

On Thursday 3 October our 30 IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Students) showcased their Extended Essay research. They shared their projects with family, friends and teachers and enjoyed a finger-food buffet provided by the PA. The Extended Essay topics presented ranged from a study of climate change in Svalbard to an analysis of Edvard Munch’s iconic painting “The Scream”.

Nordic Edge Expo

High School Geography students attended the Nordic Edge conference, the largest smart city event in the Nordics. The conference and exhibition focused on sustainable economic development and high quality of life in urban areas with a focus on digital and technology solutions, innovation, Virtual Reality and much more… The event was a great opportunity for our students to learn more about future city development.

Sixth and Seventh Grade Outdoor Education (Leirskole)

Our sixth and seventh graders had an amazing outdoor education week at Hardangertun Leirskule. Students built their teamwork and cooperation skills while getting to know the local culture and traditions – all in the beautiful Norwegian outdoors. Fun activities included zipline, hiking, archery, via ferrata, canoeing, orienteering and a cosy movie night!

International Beach Cleanup

120 people (and family dogs) from our ISS Community joined the big beach clean-up at Hellestøstranden. The beach clean-up was the first Middle School Service Learning Community event of the school year and was part of a global beach clean-up on the same day. The aim was to clean the beach as much as possible, but this year the emphasis was to try and collect the tiny bits of plastic as well.

6th Grade NuArt Trip

People have been painting on walls for over 30,000 years. If you want to know more about this, Grade 6 are the people to ask as they are learning about both Early Man in Social Studies and Cave Painting in Art. On Tuesday, the whole grade got the opportunity to see very modern wall paintings on their trip to see the NuArt festival. Led by Ms. Price, through rain, wind and hopeful sunshine, students excitedly hunted for hidden artworks along Pedersgata and around Nytorget. At Tou Scene students met Simon, a graffiti writer who helped all the NuArt artists make their exhibition. Students then got to explore the indoor pieces, drawing and writing about their favourites. They had a lot of questions and interesting conversations with Simon about what the artworks were about and how they were made. One student remarked that her school bus went through Storhaug and she had never noticed the art on the walls before. Now, she said happily, she would keep a look out as art can be anywhere.

First Friendly Soccer Game of the Season

Last Friday, our ISS Athletic Director and HS Soccer coach Mr. Tremblay invited a team of teachers, former students, friends and mostly Eritrean, Syrian and Afghani refugees to play against the HS boys’ team. The game was a great experience for all involved and a great reminder that no matter where we come from or what we have experienced in life, on the field we are just friends and respectful competitors – on the field we are all the same. The young ISS team played with lots of effort and had excellent pass accuracy against their more experienced competitors. A perfect first friendly game to start off the new season. The competing team has been playing together every Friday evening since ISS teacher Mr. Keereman organised the first soccer game between ISS teachers and refugees staying at the Forus asylum reception centre in April 2016. Initially, they played on a field near the asylum reception centre, but when the centre was closed, they moved to the ISS fields. Over the years, this team has played 118 Friday games amongst themselves, in any and all kinds of weather, and have attracted attention from different newspapers, football teams and organisations.