Grade 2 Practises Maths Shopping at the PA Kiosk

Hands-on, project-based learning in Grade 2! In Maths, students had a great opportunity recently to practise calculating change whilst shopping at the PA Kiosk. Now, in Science, they are studying the role of water in our lives and water cycles. They will develop their sense of global citizenship through a Water Walk-A-Thon that raises money for The Water Project.

Alumni Spotlight: Tor Olav Tjentland (’01)

With ISS/SAMS alumni paving new paths around the world, it’s a privilege to feature our alumni working here in Norway. Tor Olav is one of them! Tor is advancing agriculture management in Årdal i Ryfylke with an incredible farm and barn expansion all while pursuing further agriculturalist studies. In the process, he’s tripled milk quota production! Tor Olav shared that the diversity of classes at ISS (from art to design technology to physical education) and an environment where students can ask questions and discuss topics has influenced how he approaches building and farmland projects today. Veldig bra, Tor!

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Gareth Jones (Director) and Dr. Lorna Page (HS English Teacher)

During the 2018 ECIS (Educational Collaborative for International Schools) Leadership Conference, instructional and community leaders from international schools across the world met in Berlin to “unlock powerful conversations around the language and design of learning.” At this influential conference, Gareth and Lorna presented on how the International School of Stavanger is changing the language and design of its appraisal context to foster meaningful professional growth, critical for all learning communities and international educators.

Cameroon Service Project Raises NOK 22.000 for

The student-led Cameroon Service Project (CSP) worked hard again this year to raise awareness and funds to help the villagers of Bafou in Cameroon. Through events like ‘Stephane’s Trophy’ and other initiatives, this High School group raised nearly NOK 22,000 and thanks the school community for supporting this cause and making meaningful contributions to the world around us! #GlobalCitizens

Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Morrison (’17)

Previously we highlighted a former student working in security for the Royal Family, and today we spotlight a recent grad serving on His Majesty The King’s Guard of Norway Drill Team! Matthew Morrison, a member of this exclusive drill team, performs in tattoos around the world including Finland, Sweden, theNetherlands and United States as well as Norwegian government and royal events. Training 16 hours/day, it’s been a test of physical and mental strength but Matthew shared, “ISS gave me the confidence to take on new challenges and taught me not to give up.” This TV2 video is from an international tattoo in Oslo and those that know Matthew will be able to spot him a few times. Great to see another driven ISS grad representing Norway internationally!

Smiles and Flags Aplenty at the Pre-School and Kindergarten Parade

We’re less than 24 hours away from the big day – Syttende Mai – but today our Pre-School, Maternelle and Kindergarten children had a big day of their own celebrating Norway. Proudly waving Norwegian flags, the International School of Stavanger children paraded around school then enjoyed games, food and friendship. Thanks to all of the positive parents, students and teachers who cheered them on and contributed to the fun festivities. Here’s a video recap.

Early Childhood and Primary School Assemblies Showcase New Understandings

We take a lot of joy in inviting parents into the building and classrooms for special events. We’d like to do one last ’round of applause’ for the capable, creative students AND respectful parent/student audiences at this year’s Early Childhood and Primary School assemblies! The assemblies featured: Pre-School / Maternelle (music/sounds), Kindergarten (who we are), Grade 1 (kindness), Grade 2 (community), Grade 3 (storytelling) Grade 4 (mathematics) and Grade 5 (fantasy/readers workshop). Well done!