Last Friday, our ISS Athletic Director and HS Soccer coach Mr. Tremblay invited a team of teachers, former students, friends and mostly Eritrean, Syrian and Afghani refugees to play against the HS boys’ team. The game was a great experience for all involved and a great reminder that no matter where we come from or what we have experienced in life, on the field we are just friends and respectful competitors – on the field we are all the same.

The young ISS team played with lots of effort and had excellent pass accuracy against their more experienced competitors. A perfect first friendly game to start off the new season. The competing team has been playing together every Friday evening since ISS teacher Mr. Keereman organised the first soccer game between ISS teachers and refugees staying at the Forus asylum reception centre in April 2016. Initially, they played on a field near the asylum reception centre, but when the centre was closed, they moved to the ISS fields. Over the years, this team has played 118 Friday games amongst themselves, in any and all kinds of weather, and have attracted attention from different newspapers, football teams and organisations.

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