At ISS, we celebrate the spirit of belonging and a sense of community at the school, local and global levels. We also value diversity and intercultural understanding – key for a positive international school community experience.

Within each class, every effort is made to inspire a community of learners and caring individuals who feel safe and supported. For example, young Pre-Schoolers have classroom roles encouraging responsibility and teamwork while High School peer tutors help one another or younger students with academic work.

Within each school section, ISS has excellent academic and extra-curricular possibilities building community in and outside of the classroom and helping children lead physically and emotionally healthy lives. Student ambassadors/buddies show new children around the school, cafeteria staff prepare nutritious meals to keep energy levels up and counsellors guide those who may need some emotional, social or academic support.

Also within the school, ISS parents positively serve as liaisons between parents and teachers, host memorable family BBQ events and join field trips with the little ones.

Within the larger local and global communities, ISS students are partnering with Stavanger organisations to clean up regional beaches, supporting refugees and migrants, starting recycling programmes and raising money for children in Thailand and Africa. It is all part of the ISS philosophy focused on fostering student actions that will make positive contributions to a more equitable and sustainable world.

I am hugely grateful for the committed teachers who really do care, and time after time after time go “above and beyond” to take an interest in the kids and foster a supportive community. Thank you! – Parent Feedback from ISS Annual Family Survey (2015-16)

We have 3 children in High, Middle and Primary School – what can I say? They never want to miss a school day. ISS is so much more than just learning…very welcoming, empowering, creative, respectful, open-minded. You will get this whole package. Students, teachers and parents are very well connected. We can recommend this school to the fullest. And believe me we have seen a lot of schools. – ISS Parent (2018)