The Parent Association (PA) is a group of ISS parents and guardians working together to:

  • Provide social and fundraising support to the school through events, projects and donations
  • Support the goals, objectives and procedures of the ISS Board of Trustees
  • Act as a non-profit, non-political and non-partisan organisation

All parents are welcome to get involved in the ISS Parent Association, which has a long tradition of improving the school experience for our children and providing meaningful social opportunities for the ISS community.

Programmes and Services

There are a range of PA programmes and committees from which parents can join, share their talents and help contribute to a positive environment at ISS. Plus, it is a great way to meet other parents! Opportunities include:

  • School Liaisons – Liaisons increase communication between the PA and parents to support school activities.
  • Kiosk – Open five days/week, the ISS Kiosk is managed by the PA and provides a place for students, parents and staff to buy school supplies and beverages.
  • International Festival – An annual celebration and fundraiser, the international festival includes food booths from around the world, activities for children, raffle baskets and more.
  • Social Events – The PA’s social events team brings the school-wide parent community and families together through fun events like the back-to-school social and BBQs, father-daughter dance and more.
  • Welcoming and Hospitality – The PA welcoming and hospitality committee works to make the transition for new families relocating to Norway as smooth as possible and provides opportunities to create new parent connections.
  • Book Orders – Organised by PA volunteers, book orders are facilitated approximately four times/year in cooperation with the reading incentive programme.
  • Reading Incentive – The reading incentive programme encourages children in the Primary School to enjoy reading by hosting several exciting reading programmes throughout the year.
  • Faculty/Staff Appreciation – The faculty appreciation group provides ways to say “thank you” to teachers and support staff, fostering positive relationships.
  • Athletics – Athletics liaisons serve as the key point of contact between the PA Board and Athletic Director as well as organise events such as the “ISS Fun Run” for the school community.
  • Website, Photography and Publicity – This team creates awareness about the PA’s wonderful events and activities.



Interested in volunteering or have an idea to share? Contact the PA at

If there are other questions or concerns, please contact:

We look forward to working with you!