Two second prizes at Unge Forskere national finals in Oslo!

Congratulations to Ellinor and Hannah for their second prizes at the ‘Unge Forskere’ national final in Oslo:

Ellinor was awarded a second prize in the Humanities/Arts category of the national final for her project. “What role did the economic policies that Gorbachev implemented within Perestroika between 1985 and 1990 play in the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics the 25th December 1991?” She is invited to the London International Youth Science Forum in July.

Hannah was awarded a second prize in the science/technology category of the national final with her project “How varying strengths of UV light affect Apis mellifera’s ability to seek nectar in the pollination of wildflowers with differing UV nectar guides” She is invited to join an international wildlife research week in the Swiss Alps in July.

HS ISTA Trip to Geneva, Switzerland

This year’s ISTA (Geneva, Switzerland) was a wonderful experience for our seven enthusiastic drama students. Together with their ensemble leader, they dived into the theme of ‘Time’. On the last day, the students put on a magical performance together, having spent the previous four days preparing it with students from different schools. There were five schools in total, one of which was an international school from Spain. This school was special for the ISS group as the amount of time they spent together made them bond together fast. It always started off with a full group exercise, then students would split into ensembles and work on their own thing. “It opened my eyes to the world of drama”, explained Farnoush, ISS drama participant. She further explained that seeing so many different people interpreting the same thing in different ways blew her mind wide open. The schedule changed every day but included games, name exercises, and creativity-boosting activities. As Ms. Hulks said “Thanks for being such a fabulous group, you made the trip a pleasure!”

(written by Andrea, HS Yearbook student)

A Special Report from the Chairperson of the 5th Annual SCANDMUN Conference, Bhuvi Gupta

“This is the reason why I get up every morning.”
Sarah Brun, Policy Specialist for UN Women, New York
This ISS Alumnus and active MUNner is out changing the world, proving Model UN to be a true catalyst for the bright future of our world.

The 5th Annual SCANDMUN conference was, “the most successful conference we have held”, say the ISS MUN Directors, Jocelyn Popinchalk and Hans Christian Næss.

On Saturday, March 30th, ISS warmly welcomed 100 people including MUN Directors and Delegates from different 5 schools across Norway to debate one topic, ‘The Question of Border Security with special emphasis on human, drug and arms trafficking and migration’. This was the result of 30 ISS HS students working closely for months, organising, planning and discussing ideas, under the guidance of two ISS MUN Directors.

The event was completely student run. “Our role as advisors was minimal and this was a testament to the organisational and leadership skills of the Secretary General, Chairs, Head of Admin and all who played a part in the planning,” said Jocelyn Popinchalk.

The Secretary General, Ellinor Palliotto expressed that, “this question was very crucial to debate, considering the current political climate.” Moreover, the Keynote Speaker, Øyvind Gjerde, a political scientist at Norwegian United Nations Association further stressed upon the pressing issue of border security and inspired the crowd in the Lovelace Theatre.

The well prepared delegates and Chairpersons held the debate together and drove it forward to produce a variety of solutions; SCANDMUN simulated a session similar to the UN General Assembly itself!
Overall, this conference was a grand success for ISS Community and we look forward to an even more successful SCANDMUN next year.

ISS Chess Team Wins Prize at Local Tournament

Two ISS teams competed in a local chess tournament at St. Svithun´s. The High School and Primary School teams competed in several rounds throughout the day. Everyone agreed that it was a really good way to gain tournament experience. The students played on leveled tables and won individual matches in several rounds. A prize was also awarded to the strongest player from each table at the close of the tournament. ISS High School student, Abyl, won the table prize for level one. Well done Abyl and all the members of the chess teams at this tournament! Our next event is in May against Hafrsfjord Skole. Go Viking Chess!

MS Honor Choir at AMIS Festival

The ISS Middle School Honor Choir travelled to Frankfurt for the 24th annual AMIS (Association for Music in International Schools) festival. From the 20th to 24th of March, six of our 8th grade students sang alongside 13 other international mixed-gender middle school choirs. They had a wonderful time working with students from all over the world, in a musical week filled with opportunities and fun. The students performed a final Gala Concert on the Saturday night of the trip, where they received the opportunity to work with conductor Douglas Beam.

John O’Neill, ISS Artist in Residence

John O’Neill, ISS artist in residence, has continued to engage and inspire students and teachers alike. Primary School have learnt about landscape painting, IB1 students were given a painting workshop and Grade 9/10 class learned about portrait drawing. Not forgetting the wonderful life-drawing at the Fine Arts Festival, where John helped students and parents to draw a ballet dancer model, our very own Anna in Grade 10. You can see a display about this outside the cafeteria. We look forward to seeing John’s own work developing also.

MS Musical: ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr’

Our Middle School students have been busy rehearsing over the last few months to be ready for this school year’s Middle School musical: ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr’. There are three performances: at 19:00 on Thursday, at 19:00 on Friday and at 18:00 on Saturday. Tickets are still for sale for 30NOK/ticket at the ISS Reception. Don’t miss this amazing show! It will be a fun afternoon/evening out for the whole family seeing our talented students giving the best shows of their lives.

On the surface, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr is a story about the Potts family and their magical car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, who is not only capable of winning the Grand Prix but can also float like a boat and fly like an airplane! These amazing talents lead to many exciting adventures for the family, for Chitty herself and for everyone who has the chance to see her in action. At its heart, this joyful and heartwarming musical is a story about believing – believing in ourselves, in each other and in the magic around us.

ISS Yearbook Almost Finished

Our happy dedicated Yearbook Team after completing their first three deadlines! The students are working hard to make this 2019 yearbook a big success again. The ISS Yearbook is a way to cherish the memories of the year, to take these moments and have them eternalised forever, in a format which will outlive anything digital. Where happiness and smiles are captured, the life that’s found in these photos will be forever treasured by yourselves. That’s why it’s always worth it. It’s an account of the progression of your life, something to look back on after many years. Each picture will trigger a feeling, and bring you back to the good days. Priceless!

Happy Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, our Middle School Council did a wonderful job organising a ‘Pink White Red’ theme day and had hot chocolate and cookie sales at breaks!