Health/Medical Services

ISS seeks to insure a healthy school environment where children are regarded as individuals whose emotional, social, cultural identities and values are respected.

ISS health service offerings include:

  • Student growth and development assessment
  • Vaccination programme following Norwegian guidelines
  • Vision and hearing testing
  • Administration of medications taken during school hours
  • Assessment/administration of first aid to injured students (along with staff training for CPR/AED)
  • Dissemination of information to the school community regarding health care in Norway

Confidentiality for all those making use of the ISS health service is respected and ensured.

Heather Melhus RGN SCM, ISS Nurse


Well-Being Committee

ISS also has a standing ‘Well-being’ committee, which is responsible for ensuring that ISS nurtures the emotional, physical and developmental needs of all its students. The committee also promotes a safe, healthy and meaningful working environment for students and staff.

This committee has the responsibility for all aspects of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) including the following tasks:

  • Maintain and document school guidelines according to regulations
  • Assist the school community by providing information about health, safety and the environment
  • Assist the ISS Safety Delegates in the performance of their roles
  • Assist in developing risk assessments in relation to work/school situations
  • Keep records of accidents, near-miss and hazardous situations and report on statistics on a monthly basis to the Board of Trustees

We remind all members of our school community to keep safety at the top of their agenda every day.

Kevin Gilmore, Director