Board Mission
“To advance the strategy, vision and mission of ISS, we will become a board that is clear and aligned on roles, accountabilities and direction, while always keeping a child focus in our decisions.

The ISS Board of Trustees will strive to have different backgrounds and qualifications represented in the team, and will role model a board that promotes diversity, ensures honest confidential discourse and acts as advocates for the school in the external community.”

Board Authority
1. All executive authority of ISS shall be vested in the Board, and the Board may delegate such authority, as it deems necessary
2. The Board shall establish the policies of ISS and supervise their implementation
3. The Board shall appoint the Director and determine the terms and conditions of his or her contract
4. The Board requires a Full Board Vote to set:

a. Board policy
b. Employ or dismiss the Director
c. Amend the by-Laws

5. The Board shall annually set the tuition fees for ISS
6. The Board shall annually approve the salary and benefits guidelines for the employees of ISS
7. The Board shall annually review and approve the ISS budget
8. The Board shall annually approve the ISS calendar
9. The Board shall approve the creation of new positions
10. Individual Board members shall have no authority to act except in meetings of the assembled Board or by specific designation by the Board
11. The Board shall review the policy manual and by-laws annually in line with the key decision calendar, with a full revision every five years linked to the accreditation process

Board Role & Principles
1. Support ISS mission, philosophies and objectives
2. Maintain a child focus in all decision-making
3. Be responsible to the institution as a whole, not a single agenda/constituency
4. Avoid raising individual matters/concerns, unless broad policy implications are involved
5. Act collectively; authority to speak/represent/act for the Board comes from the Board
6. Remain optimistic and honour Board decisions
7. Support school programmes
8. Be advocates for the institution, guardians of due process and maintain confidentiality
9. Continue to place the day-to-day operational responsibility and accountability in the hands of the Director
10. Participate in Board training opportunities

Board Responsibilities
1. Become familiar with and abide by the governing directives
2. Become familiar with ISS by-laws and school policy
3. Be able to explain school policies and procedures when constituents ask questions
4. Set a high priority on attending Board and committee meetings
5. Read the Board agenda and background material prior to Board meetings
6. Observe parliamentary procedure and act courteously during meetings
7. Participate in Board evaluation programmes and training opportunities
8. Maintain the Board references and turn them over to my successor or the Board Chair upon departure
9. The Board shall review the recommended candidates for the post of Principal
10. Serve as a committee chair or vice chair where required

Board Team Ground Rules
1. We show support, respect and trust
2. We respect confidentiality
3. We never forget that children are the reason we are here
4. We never represent an individual agenda
5. We manage conflict by confronting issues and inappropriate behaviours
6. We communicate honestly, ‘actively’ listen, value diversity of opinion and; respect differences

Board Meeting Ground Rules
1. We reserve the operational part of our meetings for reporting by the administration
2. Administration reports centre around deviations and major issues
3. We focus on risk and mitigating actions
4. We keep committee reports short and to the point
5. Our discussions are time-efficient and focused
6. We conclude with action items and deadlines
7. We evaluate our meetings to ensure continuous improvement

When appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees of the International School of Stavanger (ISS), each Board member attests that they have read and understood the above and also understands that their primary duty is to govern ISS in accordance with the by-laws and the policy manual. They also affirm that they are committed to the well-being of ISS and to the effective operation of the Board of Trustees.

Board Member Biographies

Åshild Hanne Larsen
is our Chair of the Board of Trustees and is Statoil’s CIO and Senior Vice President of its Corporate IT function. Her current focus is on digital transformation and creating business value from IT – using IT as a key enabler in improving operational efficiency and transforming the oil and gas industry. Åshild started her career with Statoil in 1993 and has broad experience both from professional and executive roles primarily within HR and IT, including leadership of corporate projects and large-scale organisational change efforts. Prior to taking on the CIO role, she was the Vice President for People & Organisation in Statoil’s Technology, projects and Drilling business area. Åshild holds a specialist MBA from Heriot Watt University in the UK, as well as a Master of Arts degree from Universität Bielefeld in Germany. On a personal level, she is passionate about learning and development, and gets her energy from working with great people who want to make a difference. When she is not at work, she enjoys travelling, reading on her Kindle and spending time with friends, her husband and their two daughters.

Ann Saeland
is our Vice Chair and is the HR Manager for Schlumberger in Norway and Denmark. Her career in Schlumberger spans 25 years and she has worked in London and Stavanger. Anne is married with two grown children and has held a previous school board position at the International School of Bergen.

Arne Thorsen Kolle
is the Board Treasurer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Université de Toulouse and a Master of Science degree in International Business from SKEMA Business School. Having worked with Shell for nearly a decade he is currently a Project Finance and Commercial Manager. He takes a big interest in international education having done most of his studies abroad. Outside of work, he enjoys travelling, cycling and wine.

Giulio Di Marzio
joined the Board of Trustees of as the parent-elect representative in February 2016 and currently sits as the Vice Chair of the Community Committee. Mr. Di Marzio is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Italian Army. He is a career officer who has served on many missions in Europe and Asia. Giulio, his wife Manuela and their children, moved to Stavanger several years ago where he proudly works alongside Norwegian and other international colleagues at the Joint Warfare Centre in Jatta. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking with his family, tennis, skiing and cycling.

Hal Mead
became a member of the Board of Trustees in spring 2016. He has held various engineering and leadership positions for ConocoPhillips in North America and is currently the Director of Ekofisk Well Planning for ConocoPhillips Norway. Hal actively leads church youth programmes and volunteers in the school coaching sports and participates in scouting. He is married to his dream girl and is the father of four children.

Kristine Hernes 
is the newest member of the ISS Board and was voted in at the August 2017 meeting. Kristine holds a master’s degree in Business Economics and graduated in Management (BI) and Innovation (NTNU). She was the Director of Economics in the municipality from August 2006 and was appointed councillor for two terms. She now has a new position as Senior Adviser at KS Consultant where she is looking forward to using her experience from management in Stavanger municipality in projects that include management and governance, reform of municipalities, restructuring and efficiency in the municipal sector in general.

David Nauta
has worked as a legal adviser at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre since 2012. Previously, he has served in the Dutch armed forces in The Netherlands and abroad. He is pursuing a doctorate at the University of Nijmegen, which he hopes to complete this year. David and his wife Maiko Yamada enjoy Norway very much with their two young sons, Len and Jin. They may frequently be seen in the fjords or in the mountains. Jin and Len both attend ISS, and they also attend Stavanger Football Club (SAA), ice hockey school and many other activities organised by ISS.

Freya Newberry
is the staff-elect member of the Board. Freya works at ISS, teaching and coordinating learning support provision across the whole school. Previously Freya worked in a variety of schools in the UK. For a number of years she taught history to students aged 11 – 18, before focusing on working with students with special educational needs. Freya has many years of experience in teaching students with a wide range of learning needs, as well as in leading teams of colleagues. Freya was very happy to return to Norway when her husband’s job provided her with this opportunity, having lived here twenty years ago when their sons were young. They are now grown up, married, and have provided her with two wonderful grandchildren.

Sree Vardhana Shastry
hails from Bangalore, India and has been living in Stavanger along with his family since April 2006. His son graduated from ISS in the year 2012 and is currently pursuing his Masters in “Mechanical Engineering & Management” in the University of Edinburgh. Sree’s daughter studies in High School at ISS, and his wife has been working as a Pre-School teacher at the British International School of Stavanger since 2007. Sree started his career in the production industry and later changed to the design field as a draughtsman before taking on the role of a Senior Piping Engineer in Oil & Gas Industry. His work has taken him to many countries including The Netherlands, Qatar, UAE, and Malaysia, before finally settling in Norway in 2006. Since 2006, Sree has worked for Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ as a Sr. Piping Engineer and later became the Piping Discipline Lead. Sree joined the Board in the spring of 2016 as the private pay elected Board Member and is Vice Chair of the Well-Being Community.

Gareth Jones
is the Director of ISS. Originally from Wales, he has spent a great deal of his 30-year career in international education, including teaching and administrative positions in Belgium, Egypt, The Bahamas, Germany, China and the UK. He and his family arrived at ISS 10 years ago, when he took on the position of High School Principal, before moving on to become Deputy Director, and then Director. His wife, Vicki, started teaching in Grade 4 and then moved to Grade 1 to ‘avoid’ teaching their own children and to seek a new challenge, which she has thoroughly enjoyed.

“I love the fact that all members of the staff have knowledge of and input on my children, from other teachers to the Director. This really adds to their sense of belonging.”   – Parent Feedback from Annual Family Survey

Annual Report 2014-2015