“This is the reason why I get up every morning.”
Sarah Brun, Policy Specialist for UN Women, New York
This ISS Alumnus and active MUNner is out changing the world, proving Model UN to be a true catalyst for the bright future of our world.

The 5th Annual SCANDMUN conference was, “the most successful conference we have held”, say the ISS MUN Directors, Jocelyn Popinchalk and Hans Christian Næss.

On Saturday, March 30th, ISS warmly welcomed 100 people including MUN Directors and Delegates from different 5 schools across Norway to debate one topic, ‘The Question of Border Security with special emphasis on human, drug and arms trafficking and migration’. This was the result of 30 ISS HS students working closely for months, organising, planning and discussing ideas, under the guidance of two ISS MUN Directors.

The event was completely student run. “Our role as advisors was minimal and this was a testament to the organisational and leadership skills of the Secretary General, Chairs, Head of Admin and all who played a part in the planning,” said Jocelyn Popinchalk.

The Secretary General, Ellinor Palliotto expressed that, “this question was very crucial to debate, considering the current political climate.” Moreover, the Keynote Speaker, Øyvind Gjerde, a political scientist at Norwegian United Nations Association further stressed upon the pressing issue of border security and inspired the crowd in the Lovelace Theatre.

The well prepared delegates and Chairpersons held the debate together and drove it forward to produce a variety of solutions; SCANDMUN simulated a session similar to the UN General Assembly itself!
Overall, this conference was a grand success for ISS Community and we look forward to an even more successful SCANDMUN next year.

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