Primary School

Reading in Primary School

The International School of Stavanger has two sections for children between the ages of three and ten:

  • Early Childhood – Pre-School (three- and four year olds), Kindergarten (first compulsory academic year at five years old) and Grade 1
  • Primary School – Grades 2 through 5

Programme Overview
Across both divisions, our first responsibility is to our young learners. And at ISS, we believe all children are capable and competent. Our teachers are dedicated to the children's learning and overall well-being and it’s important to us that they are safe, supported, healthy and active.

ISS offers a dynamic, educational programme that:

  • focuses on the continuous growth of the whole child,
  • fosters positive goals and beliefs,
  • challenges thinking so new connections can be made,
  • engages children in the learning process and considers their interests,
  • provides joyful, positive learning experiences, and
  • encourages a love of learning.

We recognize individual needs and that there are different rates of growth and maturation. Special attention to cognitive, physical, artistic, social and emotional development is emphasized throughout the learning environment. Additionally, ISS embraces a learning culture and community where children can take risks without fear of failure and be proud of their efforts and achievement.

These areas of development, when coupled with the core elements of our curriculum, prepare children for the educational opportunities beyond their early childhood and primary school years.

Our programme offers an international curriculum that draws upon best practices from several national curricular models, including those from North America, United Kingdom, Australia and international curricula.

For Kindergarten through Grade 5, classes in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and computer studies, children work in self-contained classrooms. Specialists teach art, music, library science, Norwegian and physical education.

Learning support is offered on a limited basis. English as an additional language is offered as a regular part of study for children in need of extra support. Available on a limited basis are lessons in Dutch, German and Italian, with some classes offered after school hours (for Kindergarten and older).

The Early Childhood and Primary School divisions are applicable for those families interested in a programme based on English language education and seeking a stimulating international environment. Placement is normally made by birth date. Apply with Admissions and join your child and us on this developmental journey!