ISS offers an École Maternelle for first-language French-speaking children in the greater Stavanger area – “programme pour l École Maternelle” – that aligns with the changes implemented in French schools worldwide in 2015.

In our Maternelle 1, 2 and 3 (Petite, Moyenne and Grande Section), children of the appropriate age are grouped together as in France. ISS’ experienced Maternelle teacher is the pedagogical leader for this class.

Learning is child-centred, project- and play-based. Attention is given to writing, phonology/sounds, beginning reading, mathematics and other units. Music and art also take place in the welcoming Maternelle classroom.

The Maternelle children discover the world through outdoor education and field trips. At ISS, there is a strong belief, common in Norway, that children learn wonders outdoors and can open their eyes to the world through hands-on experiences.

Children have access to a dedicated library and physical education facility for their age group, technology (both computer labs and iPads), health/nurse office and outdoor playground.

La classe de maternelle de l’ISS est une vraie chance pour les enfants. En plus du programme classique,  elle donne le gout d’apprendre aux enfants, développe leur curiosité, leur confiance en soi. Les multiples activités extérieures et activités en anglais sont un vrai plus, et l’enthousiasme des enfants s’en ressent. Mon fils de 4 ans adore son ecole et y va toujours avec le sourire. – Hélène Bideau, Maternelle Parent (2015-16)