Prize Winners at Norway’s ‘Unge Forskere’ Competition!

Salome Brunon won a 3rd prize for her Chemistry project on “How is the rate constant dependent on the hydrochloric acid concentration during the inversion of sucrose to glucose and fructose?” – she also won the regional final with this essay.

Hazel Nicholson won a 3rd prize with her English essay which had the title “How do the methods used to characterise mental illness in The Catcher in the Rye and Speak compare and contrast?”

Billy Chen won a 2nd prize with his essay in the Visual Arts “To what extent has the design of ‘The Waterfront’ succeeded in continuing the architectural traditions of Stavanger?” Billy was also given a special prize to attend the International Youth Science Forum in London in the summer.

Congratulations to all three students – who had a great experience in Oslo last week celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Unge forskere (Young Researchers) competition.

Kids On Stage!

Don’t know what to do yet this Friday? Come and watch our talented ISS kids perform on stage and support the H.E.S. organisation, an initiative created by a group of ISS parents to help those in desperate need in Syria. The show will start at 16.00 and tickets are still available!

Fine Arts Festival!

On Sunday 23 April 2017, the Fine Arts Festival will take place in the ISS basement. Between 14:00 and 17:00 you can join different interactive activities all connected to the theme ‘Movement’.

ISS Sci-Tech Challenge Team Norwegian Champion!

The ISS Sci-tech Challenge Team is the Norwegian Champion for 2017! The students took part in a unique opportunity, they learned a lot of things that you just can’t in a normal school day, and they had lots of fun. In the course of a day, our five High School students learned a lot about presentation skills: How to be professional and serious, yet friendly and approachable. They learned about web conferencing skills and the challenges it presents as well as the procedures. Students answered tough questions while thinking on their feet. They spoke through a web conferencing system with executives from ExxonMobil, Rolls Royce, Arconic, Climate House / Center for European Policy Studies, and CNH Industrial Institutional Relations. Congratulations to team Perpetual Motion from ISS!

First Prize Unge Forskere!

Congratulations to Salome Brunon – first prize winner in the Science and Technology Class in the Rogaland final of the Norwegian Unge Forskere (Young Researchers) competition with her Chemistry project “How is the rate constant dependent on the hydrochloric acid concentration during the inversion of sucrose to glucose and fructose?”

Middle School Play Hairspray Jr.

Join us this weekend at the ISS Theatre for the fantastic Middle School musical Hairspray Jr.. This high-energy production features catchy music and a meaningful message about acceptance and tolerance. A must-see show for all ages with performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

The March Informer is out!

The March Informer is now ready to read! Take a look at this wonderful edition by clicking this link and enjoy reading about the High School Sci-Tech Challenge, the upcoming Middle School musical Hairspray Jr. and the fun projects around the theme ‘Diversity’ in Primary School.

U.S. University Admissions!

Do you want to know more about the U.S. admissions process at colleges and universities? On Monday 20 March we are pleased to welcome Dr. Patty Croom at ISS. Dr. Croom, Director of International Student Admissions, Recruitment, and Student Success at Michigan State University (MSU), will answer all your questions on this topic. Sign up by clicking this link and join this informative session.

IB Visual Arts Exhibition!

The IB Visual Arts class will be exhibiting their final artworks from March 20 – 21st. The opening takes place at 18:00 on Tuesday March 21st. These 12th grade students will be present to explain their work; also included will be live music and refreshments. This all happens in the MS/HS art rooms.