High School

The ISS High School community strives to meet our school’s guiding statements, preparing students for greater global participation by helping them become responsible, empowered learners. High School students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life.

Curriculum and Student Learning

Our curriculum offers a balanced variety of courses recognising the needs of our student body.

ISS is also an accredited centre for university entrance examinations (e.g., ACT and SAT.)

As an established IB school, our results in international examinations are consistently above average.

We pride ourselves on honouring the individual learning style and needs of students. The teachers are dedicated to helping students succeed in their programmes, creating positive learning experiences and offering open lines of communication and frequent availability for extra support.

Counselling and Advisory

The High School counsellors provide personal, social and emotional support to students as well as valuable assistance in the selection of courses and university applications. ISS' counselling team has a long, successful history of supporting its students as they prepare for university admission around the world. Recent students have attended leading institutions such as the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Delft University of Technology, the Norwegian University of Science of Technology, New York University and Texas A&M.

This counselling programme is complemented by our advisory programme that is designed to provide individual attention and support for each student to ensure academic and social growth.

Holistic Education

Students have the opportunity to further enrich their learning at the local level through community involvement or at the global level through educational and service learning travel. There are a wide variety of sports available, in addition to arts and other co-curricular activities. Many of these, such as NECIS (athletics), ISTA (theatre) and MUN (international relations), involve interaction and participation with other international schools.

School Philosophy

At ISS, we believe everyone is capable of learning and achieving. Students are encouraged to reflect and develop an awareness of their own learning process. In preparing for an ever-changing global community we inspire learners to develop collaborative, creative, critical thinking and technological skills.

We also value the whole child and believe students leading physically and emotionally healthy, ethical, active and balanced lives in a safe environment will contribute to their self-esteem and enable them to become more effective learners.

We celebrate the spirit of belonging and a sense of community at the school, at both the local and global levels.

We invite you to visit us and discuss with the High School team the possibilities at the International School of Stavanger!