Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Jordan-Saifi

At ISS from 1993-1995, Jennifer serves as Deputy Director of the United Nations Policy at Canada’s Foreign Policy—Global Affairs Canada. Inspired by the Canadian Leadership Conference in 2015 and passionate about bringing Canada to the world, she launched ‘Awesome Eh?’ ( to connect visionary thinkers. Jen remembers her art displayed in the school hallways: “ISS has a way of making every student feel they have something valuable to bring to the table; that they can positively influence the world; and, that they are part of something bigger than themselves. This empowerment and sense of purpose gives students the conviction to follow their dreams and impact the world.” Jen, you impress us with your drive to help the world dream bigger.

United Nations Day Celebration at ISS

UN Day! Early Childhood and Primary School children – in beautiful national costumes – paraded with smiles and celebrated with foods from around the world and special activities. Middle Schoolers reviewed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and High Schoolers demonstrated there is more that unites us than divides us during an assembly activity. Cheer on the parade!

The Language of Learning at ISS In-Service

The ISS faculty was immersed in ‘Learning’ during in-service. We focused on how guided inquiry impacts learning; how constructive feedback and formative assessment is key to student growth; how neuroscience encourages meaningful teaching; how a common language of learning contributes to a positive learning culture; and more. Today we welcome back hundreds of ISS students from break and feel fortunate to work with these brilliant and capable learners every day! Parents: stay tuned for a ‘Morning Connections’ on this topic.

Grade 7 Explores the Fjords and Mountains

ISS’ values of Learning, Well-being and Community continued to be front and centre during this year’s Grade 7 outdoor education trip. Surrounded by the fjords and mountains at Hardangertun Leirskule, students worked together while improving their Norwegian outdoor skills: hiking, mountain climbing, archery, orienteering, canoeing, swimming, nature-watching and more. Bonus: the waterfalls were even more stunning with the refreshing rain and we discovered even Middle Schoolers jump in puddles with joy!

Grade 12 Design Technology Create Smart Products

A toothpaste dispenser for arthritis sufferers. A laptop stand. A phone charging station. A portable water filter. Toy storage. A hygienic toothbrush holder. Our Grade 12 Design Technology students developed their ideas through blue foam modelling earlier this year for their IB Diploma internal assessment. ISS grads with DT experience have pursued engineering, product design, architecture and more.

International Day of Peace Celebrations

On 21 September, ISS students and staff celebrated the International Day of Peace by wearing white and discussing peace. Additionally, our Grade 8 teamed up with the Pre-School/Kindergarten/Maternelle children to create a beautiful peace sign using paints and natural resources. Here is the video of this effort. The 2017 theme – “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All” – is of special importance given our Service Learning efforts in support of refugees. Let’s join together for PEACE every day!

Biologists Unite Over Sphaerocystis

Ever heard of ‘sphaerocystis’? Ask a Grade 4 student! The classes visited the High School Biology lab to learn more about the hidden life in pond water and how to identify creatures. The younger scientists tried out the microscopes, and we think they left the lab wishing they could go directly to Grade 10 to study Biology all year. 

MS Families Help Clean Up Sola Beach

Another successful beach clean-up this year! Around 120 Middle School students, parents, siblings and dogs came together for this service learning and environmental project at Sola Beach (Solastranden). Thanks to all the participants for positively impacting the local community and making our natural surroundings cleaner and safer.

ISS Fun Run Raises Money for the Red Cross

1 event. 3 races. 90 runners. NOK 2.439 raised for the Red Cross. That’s the ISS FUN RUN! The ISS Parent Association, HS International Red Cross group, MS Student Council, MS/HS Cross Country running team and H.E.S. joined forces for this great family event. Fun (and impressive) race facts: 90 runners participated; the youngest runner to complete the 1600 meter race (1 mile) was 4 years old; the parent/child winner of the 5K was a dad and third grader; and, 5 third graders completed the 5K as the youngest racers. A special thanks to everyone who dressed in red to support the Red Cross. Watch this video recap.