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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the International School of Stavanger. We look forward to receiving your application and getting to know your family.

Families are encouraged to review the admissions steps below and the application checklist. For information regarding grade placements and age guidelines at ISS, please refer to the guide here.

STEP 1: Enquire and/or Visit

To receive information about the International School of Stavanger and the admissions process, please e-mail with the following details:

  • Child(ren)’s name(s) and date(s) of birth
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Current year/grade
  • Current school
  • Current city and country of residence
  • Proposed start date/year
  • Employer/reason for moving to Stavanger/ISS
  • How you heard of ISS

We would be delighted to meet you and show you around ISS. Please schedule a visit and we will gladly provide a tour of the school campus, introduce you to a principal and meet some of the children.

STEP 2: Apply

Application Timing

At ISS, applications are reviewed on a “rolling admissions” basis, meaning we accept students throughout the school year.

Application Requirements

Select the application forms below most appropriate for your child’s school/section per our application checklist. All of the application requirements must be completed and received in order for your children to be considered.

Note: Pre-school applicants need to apply directly with ISS as well as through the Stavanger Kommune.

Timing and Acceptance

As soon as we receive all of the required documents, the head/principal of the relevant section (Early Childhood, Primary, Middle or High School) and other members of the educational team review the application. The principal and director decide on admission and grade placement after reviewing a child’s birth date, previous school records and the years of successful equivalent schooling completed.

We then inform you of the decision and next steps -- usually within three to five working days.

All Applicants

Application Checklist (download pdf)
Application for Admission Pre-School through Grade 12 (download pdf)

Early Childhood and Primary School

Early Childhood Growth & Development Form (download pdf)
Confidential School Recommendation For Pre-School through Grade 1 Applicants (download pdf)
Confidential School Recommendation For Grade 2 through 8 Applicants (download pdf)

Middle School

Confidential School Recommendation For Grade 2 through 8 Applicants (download pdf)
Personal Statement For Grade 6 through 12 Applicants (download pdf)

High School

Confidential School Recommendation & Student Profile For Grade 9 through 12 Applicants (download pdf)
Personal Statement For Grade 6 through 12 Applicants (download pdf)

Additional Information

Assessments for Placement

New middle and high school students may be asked to undertake mathematics, English, French, Norwegian or Spanish placement tests prior to or during their first week of school. These are not requirements for admission, but simply to aid our faculty in determining the best class fit for accepted students. Placement tests can also be given when application records are incomplete.

English as Additional Language

ISS has an English as an Additional Language programme to assist students with their English development. To determine the appropriate level of support at ISS, students whose first language is not English or who have been in an EAL programme in a previous school, are evaluated by the EAL teacher once they start school using language tests. Proficiency is not an admission requirement. More information on EAL.

Learning Support

The International School of Stavanger welcomes students with mild to moderate learning difficulties who are able to work toward the successful completion of ISS’ academic requirements. Students may be admitted if their educational needs can be met within the scope of the school's Learning Support programmes, resources and personnel. Parents must provide accurate and relevant information about their child’s needs.

Starting School

When accepted, parents will be e-mailed additional information about starting school. All new students receive some form of orientation before their first full day of school, depending on when they start. New students are assigned a homeroom teacher/advisor. Additionally, the school counsellor assigns a buddy, or student ambassador, to help the new student find his/her way around the school and transition to the new environment. It is important to us that all students feel welcome and supported!

Additional Forms

EAL Booklet 2014 (download pdf)
Primary and Middle School Withdrawal & Record Release Form (download pdf)
High School Withdrawal & Record Release Forms (download pdf)
Former Student Feedback Form (download pdf)
ISS and Ecole Maternelle en francais 2015-16 (download pdf)