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Thank you for your interest in the International School of Stavanger (ISS).

ISS is a private, English-language school for students from pre-school to grade 12 (age 3-18). With a diverse community of young learners, it is one of the largest international schools in Scandinavia and offers a distinctively holistic education.

Let us introduce you to our vibrant learning community. There are more than 630 high-achieving and respectful students representing approximately 50 countries. An experienced faculty supports its students every day, guiding them on their academic journey and consistently caring for their overall well-being.

At ISS, we are proud of the long list of graduates attending top universities around the world (from University of Cambridge in England to Massey University in New Zealand) and alumni making positive career contributions in their communities.

Choosing a school is an important decision. As a family, you have values and expectations. At ISS, we value learning, well-being and community and expect that each student has an opportunity to fulfill their potential at school.

Explore our website, read about the engaging curriculum, discover the rich and varied offering of sports and extra-curricular activities and better understand why ISS comes highly recommended from parents and student alumni around the world.

When you are ready, we are here to answer questions and help you with the admissions process.

On behalf of our director and all the staff at ISS, we look forward to meeting you!


Ms. Sarah Osborne
Admissions Officer, ISS
+47 51 55 43 61


Why ISS?

Our Community

Community is a core value at ISS. Parents and students will tell you ISS has a distinct community – one that feels like family, one where people respect and care for one another. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure parents and students – often far removed from their extended families – feel a sense of belonging and comfort in their new environment.

“ISS is leading the international schools by supporting the whole family ... something so important to families who move often. Having some sense of stability when there is so much flux is very important. Thank you for actively working on creating this stability.”
- Former Early Childhood and Primary School Parent

“I just want to let you know that everyone we have had contact with at ISS has been nothing but welcoming and friendly and we really, really appreciate it! We can't wait to arrive, but first...all the packing and hard goodbyes!”
- Prospective Primary School Parent

ISS Community


Our Impressive Record of Academic Achievement

An university preparatory school, ISS has a strong history of preparing students for academic success. How do we know this? Year after year, our children in primary and middle school perform above international school standards while the IGCSE and IB scores of our high school students rank well above the world average. Additionally, the last three years we have sent more finalists to the Young Norwegian Researchers Competition than any other school in Norway and our graduating students tell us they have a competitive edge in their university classrooms.

"We are writing to express our thankfulness and gratitude to you for providing such a high quality education at ISS primary school! If we could have taken one thing from Norway, that would have been the school." At the new school, our son "adapted to the new environment and secondary school standards very easily. His progress report has just arrived, he achieved great grades in the first quarter. The strong fundamentals and values he was given at ISS supported him in his studies and helped his integration into the new school's community. Thank you again for your hard work and the 5 brilliant years with ISS!"
- Former Primary School Parent

“I wish to thank the ISS for the fantastic environment in which my children have been educated. I think it is very special and I doubt we will experience such freedom for them to grow elsewhere.”
- Departing Primary, Middle and High School Parent

“My daughter graduated from ISS as valedictorian, and with an excellent result in the IB diploma, a result which allowed her to follow her chosen career path of veterinary science. As parents we were, of course, thrilled that she was so successful in realising her potential and her dreams. Hand in hand with this success, was the all important fact that she was happy, and as she commented herself, that she had been able to participate in a variety of activities during her time at ISS, which complimented her academic study.” 
- High School Parent

ISS academic achievementsISS - academic


Our Experienced and Dedicated Faculty

It is not in every school you can find a group of individuals who care so deeply about their students and want to make sure they are nurtured and challenged. The ISS staff hails from Mauritius to Norway and holds degrees from the likes of Harvard, Trinity College Dublin, University of Aberdeen and University of Melbourne. They are published authors, semi-professional cyclists, lab scientists and accomplished musicians. For decades, ISS students have benefited from our talented and experienced faculty.

"Thank you for 5 amazing years at the ISS. It has been a privilege to be a substitute there and the welcoming atmosphere that meets you when you enter the school is quite unique. Like my oldest son said the other day, I wish I could bring the teachers from ISS with me to the next school. To me, that is quite a compliment to the amazing staff."
- Former Early Childhood and Primary School Parent

“I thoroughly valued having an intelligent conversation and presentation about international education and knowing that, at ISS, our children are in expert hands.”
- Former Early Childhood and Primary School Parent (following a principal’s presentation at a parent networking/community event)

“Many thanks for a wonderful first week. As nervous as our daughter was ... she had a great first week and we did too because of everyone's kindness, care and hard work. Every day she came home with stories about the great children and marvelous teachers at ISS ... ISS feels wonderful! A great learning environment that we are so happy to be a part of.”
- High School Parent

“Thank you for taking time to meet with us. It was really nice to hear your thoughts on our son‘s choices for IB courses and to get your guidance as to what is an appropriate course load considering career interests. We really appreciate it!”
- High School Parent

Our experienced staffISS faculty


Our Child-Centered Philosophy

In addition to Academics, we strongly believe in supporting children with their social/emotional development so they have a foundation for positive academic experiences and interactions in the world. ISS values the whole child, which is why the school has: 

  • academic and learning support programmes helping children “learn how to learn” 
  • a holistic curriculum that includes courses in music, arts, physical education and technology so children can pursue an array of academic interests
  • an extensive list of extra-curricular and athletic activities so they can lead balanced lives
  • counselling staff to guide children, whether on friendship or university admissions

“Thank you for making our children’s first week so special. They have come home every afternoon full of stories and excitement. We almost wish you could have been a fly on the wall to hear the thrill in their voices as they recount their days.”
- High School Parent

“Our children love choir! They have never had any musical training (much to my piano-playing chagrin!) and this opportunity to be part of a choir has opened their eyes to music.”
- Former Middle School Parent 

“You ... were key in my children’s education (academic and pastoral), and their transition, so thank you from a very grateful parent!”
- Former Middle and Primary School Parent

Academic and learning support programmesCourses in music


Our Comprehensive Extra-Curricular and Athletics Programmes

Learning can take place everywhere. From outdoor ski trips in Norway and Model United Nations conferences in The Hague to honor band/choir festivals in Paris and athletic competitions in Amsterdam, students at ISS have endless opportunities to learn outside the classroom walls. There is no shortage of clubs and groups for students to join either! Unmatched in the Stavanger area, ISS provides all students with the most extensive and inclusive offering of school sports and extra-curriculars.

 “The high school play is so much more than a performance. It's a culmination of hundreds of hours of work, hours of acting, dancing, singing. But also hours of connecting, hours of laughs, and hours of creating something that stays with the cast long after the final blackout.”
- High School Student

“I am always impressed with your presentation ... I wish I had a child to send to your school!”
 - Relocation agent, Stavanger representative



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