ISS Philosophy and Guiding Statements

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Vision Statement

Inspire a community of responsible, globally-engaged, empowered learners.

Mission Statement

ISS provides an internationally-accredited, engaging and challenging English-language education in a supportive, multi-cultural environment where students have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Our Aim

Our aim is to enable students to become self-determining, respectful, responsible, contributing global citizens who will succeed in continuing educational programs and beyond.

Our Values

At ISS, we believe everyone is capable of learning and achieving. Developing a passion for and love of learning is key to students becoming lifelong learners. Students are encouraged to reflect and develop an awareness of one's own learning process. In preparing for an ever-changing global community we inspire learners to develop collaborative, creative, critical thinking and technological skills.

At ISS, we value the whole child and believe students leading physically and emotionally healthy, ethical, active and balanced lives in a safe environment will contribute to their self-esteem and enable them to become more effective learners.

At ISS, we celebrate the spirit of belonging and a sense of community at the school, local and global levels. Respecting diversity and valuing international and intercultural understanding, the school fosters actions intended to make positive contributions to a more equitable and sustainable world.


ISS has developed the following strategic planning domains and operational objectives in order to translate our Vision, Mission, Aim and Values into practice.

Core Objectives

Learning: Promote learning and foster intellectual growth at all grade levels.

Well-being: Provide a safe environment that nurtures the emotional, physical and developmental needs of all its students, and promote the basis for a safe, healthy and meaningful working environment for our students and staff.

Community: Foster meaningful multi-cultural relationships, provide support for internationally mobile families, communicate effectively and encourage positive contributions in the school, local and global communities.

Supporting Objectives

Governance & Leadership: Maintain effective governance and leadership to ensure optimal operation of the school.

Infrastructure & Resources: Maintain an appropriate infrastructure in order to create a safe, pleasant and effective learning environment.

(Approved 4th February 2013)

International Education

The International School of Stavanger is an internationally-minded school that promotes a holistic education. This holistic international education can be visualized as an education of the head (understandings), heart (attitudes) and hands (skills/service). See our definition of international education.