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Cover Story in World Student Magazine Authored by ISS Student 

ISS in the Stavanger AftenbladWondering what to do next weekend or during your trip to Stavanger? One of our high school students, Øystein Staupe Vaglid, authored a travel guide to Stavanger in the May issue of World Student magazine, a COBIS publication.

ISS Makes Front Cover of Nordvesten

ISS in the Stavanger AftenbladThe June issue of Nordvesten (a community publication reaching the majority of Madla/Hafrsfjord residents) features ISS' 17.Mai parade leaders on the front cover and highlights a few events from the special 50th weekend on pg. 19.

ISS' Young Scientists/Researchers Featured in The International Educator 

ISS in the Stavanger AftenbladThe June edition of The International Educator highlighted the success of two ISS High School students at Unge Forskere - a national competition for young Norwegian scientists/researchers. Mikhail Zakharov (Norwegian-Russian) and Benjamin Gordon (Norwegian-British) won first and second place prizes, respectively, at the finals in Oslo (Science & Technology category). For 17 straight years, ISS' IB students have competed at the national level.

ISS in the Stavanger Aftenblad

ISS in the Stavanger AftenbladA number of teachers and students from ISS were included in the Stavanger Aftenblad's 17.Mai coverage. Hipp hipp hurra!

Story on ISS' 50th School Year in International Education Newspaper

Story on ISS 50th School Year in International Education NewspaperNewsLinks, an international education newspaper distributed to more than 650 schools, covered our 50th year in their spring issue. The article starts on page 20 and wraps up on page 26.

COBIS Congratulates ISS Students

COBIS Congratulates ISS StudentsCOBIS, the Council of British International Schools, highlighted the success of two of our High School students at a national competition for young Norwegian scientists/researchers in their April newsletter. The COBIS Head Office congratulated "all of the students involved on this fantastic achievement, as well as the International School of Stavanger as a whole, for continuing to provide truly world-class education."

ISS Director Featured in International Education Newspaper

ISS Director Featured in International Education Newspaper​NewsLinks, the publication for International School Services, highlights our new director for 2015-16: Mr. Gareth Jones (pg 17).​ Gareth has played a critical role in growing our school's holistic and inclusive approach to education.


50th Year Opening Ceremony Highlighted in Local Magazine

50th Year Opening Ceremony Highlighted in Local MagazineIn the November issue of Nordvesten, one of our high school students - a guest writer for the magazine - summarises the opening ceremony ISS held earlier in the year to kick off our 50th year celebrations. Keynote speakers included a prominent leader in the oil industry, a local historian and the chief of staff at NATO's JWC.

ISS' 50th Year Highlighted in INN Expats Newsletter

ISS' 50th Year Highlighted in INN Expats NewsletterIn its November issue, INN Expats Newsletter recognises ISS' 50th year with an article that highlights the school's connections with the city and expat community over the last half-century as well as the dynamic and diverse student body. See pages 19-20.

50 Years Later, ISS Community Is Still Like A "Big Family"

ISS Octobers NordvestenIn October's Nordvesten, a magazine for Madla residents, ISS' evolution over the last 50 years is featured in a two-page article. Long-standing teachers, Anne Lise Riedel (Norwegian) and Wim Keereman (Belgian), share their perspectives on how the school has grown and the numerous ways ISS celebrates aspects of the Norwegian culture and lifestyle.

A Shout-Out from COBIS

A Shout-Out from COBISCOBIS, the Council of British International Schools, recently congratulated ISS on its 50th year in their 'Connect Newsletter' (September 2015 issue) while also calling out other special ISS milestones this year. 

Gareth Jones Named New Director

Gareth Jones Named New DirectorEntering our 50th year in 2015-16, Mr. Gareth Jones is the new director of the International School of Stavanger. Gareth, hailing from Wales and residing in Madla, has been at ISS as principal and deputy director for six years. As he shared with Rosenkilden on 13 Aug 2015, he is "both humbled and privileged taking over the director role at such a prestigious and renowned international school." View full article.

Dr. Linda Duevel Recognized by International Education Media

Dr. Linda Duevel Recognized by International EducationISS and Dr. Linda Duevel's International Superintendent of the Year award made the front cover of the June issue of The International Educator! As a school, we're incredibly proud of this rare achievement in international education. The students are the beneficiaries!

ISS Young Researchers Continue to be in the Media Spotlight

ISS' Unge ForskereThe celebration of ISS' Unge Forskere winners and recently-graduated IB students continues. On 12th June, they were featured on The International Baccalaureate's Community Blog! Mr. Nick Eden (also ISS valedictorian) speaks of his experience: "The great thing as an IB student was the fact that my Extended Essay qualified as a research paper that could be entered into the Unge Forskere competition. This meant that as far as preparation went, I was not forced to embark on a time consuming independent project while also juggling school work, but instead had the full IB Diploma Programme and the support of my school behind me." ISS' successful young researchers were also recently highlighted in Norwegian-American Weekly.

ISS Director Named "Oil Woman of the Year" for Community Involvement

Linda Duevel Oil Woman of the yearThe awards keep rolling in for ISS Director Dr. Linda Duevel. In June 2015, the Stavanger section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers honoured Linda with "Oil Woman of the Year" (this is the third time in history a woman was selected). Published in a variety of industry publications so far, the articles highlight the value of international schools to expat communities and industry growth along with Linda's contributions in this area. Excerpt": "ISS has been, and still is, one of the most important institutions for Stavanger region's development as Norway’s main hub for the oil and gas sector."

The Positive Impact of International Schools in the Stavanger Region

ositive ImpactFor the second time this year, ISS leadership was interviewed for an article in the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce magazine, Rosenkilden. In the latest June issue, Mr. Gareth Jones (deputy director) and Dr. Linda Duevel (director) discuss the school community and long-term role international schools play in the community.

Stavanger Aftenblad Covers ISS' Award-Winning Scientists and Researchers

NordvestenIn an article on April 27, Stavanger Aftenblad highlighted the five ISS students who took top prizes at the 2015 Unge Forskere (Young Scientists/Researchers) competition. ISS students won more cash prizes and academic trips than any other school in Norway! The story covers the students' individual work and highlights the academic and holistic nature of the IB Diploma Programme offered at ISS.

Life in Norway Blog Features the International School of Stavanger

Life in Norway Blog Features the International School of Stavanger"Education is based on learning, wellbeing, and community …. Every decision from the board of trustees here is taken with a child-first focus," says ISS Director Dr. Linda Duevel. Recently, the editor of Life in Norway (a blog written for those who want to know what it is like to live and work in Norway) interviewed Dr. Duevel about the school and her experiences in Norway. The article will also appear in Norwegian-American Weekly.

ISS' Connections to the Local Community Highlighted in Chamber of Commerce Magazine

NordvestenRosenkilden, the primary publication for the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, recently featured ISS and Dr. Linda Duevel. The article mentions the school's long-standing relationship with local politicians, the exciting "International Superintendent of the Year" honour awarded to Dr. Duevel and more. The story begins on page 58 (INN Expats section).

ISS Makes Front Cover of Nordvesten Magazine

NordvestenNordvesten, a monthly publication for residents of the Madla area, featured ISS in their February issue! The article highlights the academics and our holistic approach to education as well as the positive learning culture and community. It also tells the story of Drs. Linda and Len Duevel, who are in their last school year at ISS as director and principal, and covers our upcoming Open House on 11th February 2015 for videregående/high school students.


Local Media Continue to Spotlight Drs. Linda and Len Duevel

School OverviewIt is not in every school that one couple, both in leadership roles, collectively serve its student body for 82 years! This June, Dr. Len Duevel (primary school principal) and Dr. Linda Duevel (director), will retire — "graduate," as she says — from ISS. The local Hafrsfjord Budstikke and Solabladet interviewed the educating duo to talk about their experiences. "We have been given the opportunity to meet wonderful students, parents and teachers. We have also interacted with wise politicians, who have realised how important it is to have an international school of high quality in Stavanger. It is priceless," Linda says. Read the full article (Dec. 4, 2014).

Mayor of Stavanger Quotes ISS' Director

School Overview At the Greater Stavanger Economic Development's annual forum in 2009, Dr. Linda Duevel presented and said, "Come for the job, stay for the lifestyle." That line is still heard in the Stavanger region, even showing up on the cover of the Stavanger Chamber's latest guide book for newcomers. Now, in a Nov. 27, 2014 article in the Stavanger Aftenblad, the mayor of Stavanger shares her interest in making sure Stavanger is a pleasant place to live: "We'll work to create quality of life and diversity. As the head of the international school expresses it: 'I came for the job and stay for the lifestyle.'" Many ISS families have done the same!

Dr. Linda Duevel Featured in Stavanger Aftenblad Interview

School Overview"The teaching profession is the profession that makes all other professions possible," says Dr. Linda Duevel, director of The International School of Stavanger, in an interview with the Stavanger Aftenblad (Oct. 2014). Dr. Duevel is in her 40th year at ISS and will retire — graduate — in spring 2015.

'CNN Student News' Gives ISS a Shout-Out

School Overview At ISS, we're working with our students to become globally engaged and aware of the world around them. Every week our Grade 4 classes watch CNN's Student News and discuss international news. And every day, for the last couple of months, Grade 4 students have put the school name in the roll call hoping to hear ISS mentioned the following day. Their persistence paid off! Today (Oct. 21), CNN's anchor gave a shout-out to the "Home of the Vikings" in Hafrsfjord, Norway! (See the 6:34 mark for Roll Call.) Surprise! Watch the students' reaction.

StavangerNews Highlights ISS' Innovative Pre-School Approach

School OverviewBrain research (including studies from Harvard University) show that developing a positive social/emotional foundation during the three- and four-year-old stage is a key first step for "learning how to learn" and successfully understanding academic subjects. Taking this research to heart, ISS is enhancing its early childhood programme this year. StavangerNews reports on how ISS has embraced this child-centered philosophy (Oct. 3, 2014).

ISS Students Advance in 2014 Norwegian National Unge Forskere/Young Researchers Competition

School OverviewContinuing on an impressive record of academic success, ISS students again performed strongly in the 2013-14 Norwegian National Unge Forskere/Young Researchers Competition. As mentioned in the April 2014 Stavanger Aftenblad article, there were five finalists from ISS, which was more than any other school in Norway.


ISS High School Students Sweep Young Norwegian Researchers Competition
Six ISS high school students received top honors at the Norwegian National Unge Forskere/Young Researchers Competition in Oslo. For the second year in a row, ISS had more students than any school in Norway chosen to present their original research at the national competition. The finalists, competing in the "science and technology" category, won prizes and trips to attend science seminars and competitions in Los Angeles, Stockholm, Prague, Switzerland and China. The Proscientia project details their research and awards.

Barnehage Survey Shows ISS Ranked #1 Pre-School in Stavanger Kommune

School OverviewIn a recent Stavanger Kommune survey of all pre-schools taken by the parents of the community, ISS' pre-school/barnehage received the top scores in the category of the "physical milieu" and was listed in the top ten in the total ranking of all aspects of the pre-school.

ISS Recognized as School Leader in Norway for Technology Use

School OverviewThe Stavanger Aftenblad reports on ISS' extensive 1:1 iPad program and technology use in the classroom. Read article (April 2013).

ISS Students Featured on British TV

School Overview Lights, camera, action! In February 2013, ISS students were filmed and interviewed by the British network, ITV, for a current affairs show. The story covered the importance of life-saving, first-aid training and used Norway's approach of in-school training as a positive example. ISS has a long history of first-aid training with students and staff, including CPR, AED and general first-aid.